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  • Investment Projects
    on Geographic Basis

Investment Projects in China

For years foreign entrepreneurs have dreamed of making investment in China, salivating at the prospect of more than a billion people and an economy growing at 8 percent a year. Now the central and regional governments in China have been consistently encouraging and welcoming foreign investors into the coastal and, then the inland areas. These entrepreneursí dream is incredibly becoming true.

The available investment projects posted in the web are summarized here on geographic base. ApproachingChina.net will make its best effort to keep the information updated. The investment information of a specific region can be retrieved by clicking either on the map or on the link below the map.

Anhui Hong Kong Shandong
Beijing Hubei Shanghai
Chongqing Hunan Shanxi
Fujian Inner-Mogolia Sichuan
Gansu Jiangsu Taiwan
Guangdong Jiangxi Tianjin
Guangxi Jilin Tibet
Guizhou Liaonin Xinjiang
Hainan Macau Yunnan
Hebei Ninxia Zhejiang
Heilongjiang Qinghai
Henan Shaanxi  

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