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Invest in China

China has become one of the world's leading destinations for foreign investment since the Chinese government opted to reform the economy and open it to foreign trade and investment. there remains substantial potential for a greater inflow of long-term, high-technology, high-value-added foreign investment from developed countries. The investment climate and the available investment projects are the first main concern of many serious investors.

Investment climate
Laws and Policies Articles
  • Foreign Investment in China: Rules, Regs and Proceedures
    Shanghai, the worlds' 5th largest city with over 22 million people had no building with more than seven floors in 1992. Today it is the home of 2500 high rise buildings, including the third largest building on earth... Read the comlete text
  • China's Attracting Foreign Investment Policy
    Laws and regulations for foreign investment enterprises mean the total of legal norms formulated by China to readjust the economic relations of foreign investment in the Process of establishment, alteration, termination and management control... Read the comlete text
  • China's New Foreign Investment Regs: Duty-free Import of Some Capital Equipment Reinstated
    China's changes to its foreign investment policies, effective January 1, reinstituted duty and VAT-free treatment for the capital equipment imports ... Read the comlete text
Investment Project Database
Currently available investment projects for foreign investors are summarized in the database geographically.

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