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Cook Chinese in Your Own Kitchen

"...Two principles distinguish Chinese from European cooking. One is that we eat food for its texture, the elastic or crisp effect it has on our teeth, as well for fragrance, flavor and color... This is the second principle, that of mixing of flavors. The whole culinary art of China depends on the art of mixture. While the Chinese recognize that many things, like fresh fish, must be cooked in their own juice, in general they mix flavors a great deal more than Western cooks do..."

Yutang Lin : My Country and My people, 1935
Shue helps you step by step prepare real, delicious and healthy Chinese cuisine. Shue's recipes, tips and secrets are not copied from cook book, but are extracted from her 25-year-experience of kitchen practice.  Shue will lead you to enjoy creating Chinese food, the art of oriental culture.



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