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China, the ancient nation that combines wisdom, beauty and tranquility with energetic motivation and efforts toward renaissance, once again grabs the attention of the whole World. The booming economy, the rapidly growing markets and the huge population, who anxiously desire to contact the outside world and to prove their creation capabilities, drive millions of insightful entrepreneurs, students, politicians and scholars into the new land of opportunity.

ApproachingChina.com is a non-profit information portal providing resources covering a wide range of interests to people who are seeking potential careers in China or who are interested in the profound changes that have occurred in the remote area. ApproachingCina.com is an events-and-chance oriented platform providing specific opportunities by posting information such as policies and regulations, investment projects, higher education opportunities, job openings for language teachers, advanced administrators, and much, much more.

Many useful service resources both in the United States and China are listed on the site for helping those who will step in the country to seek their fortune. ApproachingChina.com also introduces the elegant culture of the country - the art, the traditional sports, and, of course, the food.

All information resources collected in the site are publicly available on the net. However, for those who are not familiar with the region and the culture, the scattered local websites and related links are not easily accessible. ApproachingChina.com has integrated guidance and helps you take the first step of your successful journey to the land of opportunity.

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